Why do you need a private label nutritional supplements manufacturer? An average of 50% of Americans takes a vitamin supplement on a daily basis, including an astounding 68% of adults aged 65 or older. However, regular pills may not offer all the benefits that we can take advantage of. Enter: liquid vitamins. Let´s talk about liquid vitamins: why we need them and how can you benefit from taking them and from launching into the adventure of customizing and selling them.


It is estimated by physicians that 92% of Americans are deficient in one or more vitamins. We, at Nutritional Engineering Inc., want to see that number go down. That is why we offer high standard vitamins and supplements as well as the opportunity to enter this market with our offer of a private label nutritional supplements manufacturer that you can trust.We live in times of hectic lifestyles and rushing through our daily activities, trying to achieve the most in the less time. In fact, 20% of all American meals are eaten in the car. This sprinting through our day leaves us with little time and energy for a home-cooked meal. Fast food restaurants in America serve 50 million customers per day. It is not such a rough assumption to say that you and your customers can benefit hugely from vitamins and nutritional supplements as a complement of your daily eating.


Imagine your life, just as it is now but with much more energy. You need a private label nutritional supplements manufacturer because you need this in your life. How do you picture your day to day with more creativity, clearer thoughts, better quality of sleep? How would your life be with a top performance immune system and even an enhanced sex life? What could you achieve? How would you feel? This is what you can get with appropriate nutrition and that´s exactly what you can get, what your family deserves and what you can offer to your purchasers. This is what we, at Nutritional Engineering Inc., want you to achieve.


Liquid vitamins or supplements, when opposed to their pill counterpart, offer huge advantages. With us, at Nutrition Engineering Inc., as a private label nutritional supplements manufacturer, you too can be a part of this new way of nutrition. There´s no denying that it´s faster and much more convenient to take a liquid shot, customized to your or your client´s necessities, than taking 4 or 5 different pills daily. it’s much easier than chewing or swallowing a hard, big pill. They´re also much more efficient too. Not only do liquids absorb faster in our digestive system, making us receive the gains from this sooner, but actually our bodies absorb much more from liquid form. The rate of absorbency of nutrients in liquid form is of 98%, as opposed to pills that only have a 3-20% absorbency rate. There´s also the matter of costs which will go down if you take one high-quality liquid supplement, as opposed to buying 5 different ones in pill form that can make a huge hole on your wallet.


No, they are not. For you to benefit from the advantages mentioned before it´s necessary that the supplements you invest in are of high quality. At Nutrition Engineering Inc. we have established ourselves as one of the best liquid supplement manufacturers in the USA and private label nutritional supplements manufacturer, accomplishing this through an advanced quality control system as well as a strict compliance of the FDA and cGMP. Rest assured that when you are taking our vitamins and supplements or when you offer them to your customers, you are taking and giving the best of the best. For more info on nutraceutical manufacturers, click the link.


In 2017 the dietary supplement industry contributed $121.6 billion to the U.S. economy. And its revenues are steadily growing. Why not take a part on it? With us, Nutrition Engineering Inc, as your private label nutritional supplements manufacturer you can offer your costumers high-quality products, the confidence of compliance with national standards and still make a profit out of it while offering the best nutrition and health opportunities as well as offering a wide variety that caters exactly to what your consumers need.


In our line of work of private label nutritional supplements manufacturer, you are our top priority. The reasons why U.S. consumers report wanting to be healthy was to feel better, be happier and look better. According to a study conducted by Brown University, proper nutrition can lead to working longer and earning a better income. According to research physical fitness and health are related to most part of our lives, from the way we interact with others to higher grades in school or even the possibility of obtaining a top position at your company. Proper nutrition can give you gains that go from a glowing skin to a longer life expectancy. We, at Nutrition Engineering Inc., want you to achieve this and live the life you always wanted.