People face lot of dilemma while deciding what is beneficial to them, capsules or liquid supplements? Let me clear this doubt. When we take vitamins in tablet or capsule form, our body absorbs only 10-12% of the nutrients. When we grow older nutrients absorption is reduced to 4-5%. Consumption of liquid vitamins and liquid supplements provides the highest absorption of nutrients as liquid particles are over 6000 times smaller than a human cell. Our body generally takes 30 minutes to assimilate about 97% of nutrients ingested in liquid form in our body. Human body needs various vitamins and minerals for better functioning of internal organs. If we are consuming vitamins and minerals in form of tablets or capsules then that 5% assimilation of nutrients through pills push us to take around 10-12 capsules per day to have comparable absorption.

How expensive it would be to buy 10-12 pills everyday? Researches have shown that taking vitamins in pill form generally go to waste, as our bodies find it difficult to digest and absorb them properly. In comparison, liquid vitamins and liquid supplements offer a good start in digestive process. Liquid supplements work faster than a hard tablet. These are simpler for body to digest and can be easily absorbed. Liquid supplements are natural and unprocessed as compared to capsules which are usually synthetic. Liquid vitamins are composed directly from plants. It can be considered to be more bio-available. Liquid vitamins are natural and closer to the natural diet. Only one tablespoon of supplement mixed with water provide energy and stamina equivalent to six servings of fruit.

Many elders and children find it difficult to swallow a capsule but a spoonful of liquid is easy to take. They should be given measured amount of liquid vitamins to accomplish their daily need. Liquid vitamins can be added to food materials which makes it a healthy diet full of nutrients.

Advanced technology made it possible to consume vitamins in liquid form rather than those hard rock capsules. There are many advantages of taking liquid supplements. Liquid vitamins are easy to swallow. Liquid vitamins are easily digested. When we take vitamins in tablet form then it is broken down in stomach and then absorption takes place. In this process, our body absorb only 10-12% of vitamins and rest pass out of the body as waste. It’s clear that consumers are wasting their money taking capsules. Liquid vitamins are simpler for the body to digest and they are easily absorbed in the digestive tract. Supplements in liquid form have no fillers and unnecessary ingredients which produce resistance in digesting them. Liquid supplements are extracted from plants. They are not synthetic in nature like tablets. Capsules consists fillers which make it hard for body to digest them and assimilate nutrients from these.

Liquid supplements have many beneficial effects on people. They are healthier and easy to take. Most people are not able to swallow big size capsules so they can take one or two doses of liquid to get the desired amount of nutrients. They can be taken with juice, water, smoothy or you can even add it to your meal.

Vitamins play an important role in boosting immunity. It also acts as an anti oxidant which helps to fight body with the effects of oxidation, or exposure to oxidation. Liquid vitamins tend to release anti stress hormones. They also guards body against some infections, it is also used as a remedy to cure cold. Vitamins release hormones which neutralizes radicals which prevents damage from pollution and promotes speedy recovery against any injury. Keeping in mind these advantages we should take proper vitamins and minerals to meet daily requirements of the body. In the world of Health and Fitness, you should take care of your daily nutrients requirements to keep yourself healthy and fit. My doctor always recommends me to take liquid supplements over pills or tablets as they are easily swallowed, easily digested, easily absorbed, bio-available, economical, natural and very safe to consume. Research has shown that liquid vitamins and liquid supplements are safest to consume to provide complete nutrition to body and every 9 in 10 people are taking supplements in liquid form. If you are taking vitamins and supplements in capsule form I would suggest you to shift toward liquid form and they would be highly beneficial for you.

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