About Vitamin Supplement Manufacturers

We as the Nutritional Engineering Inc. are great producers of the liquid vitamin and supplements. We are the leading vitamin supplement manufacturers. We offer the private label supplements plus other health items for distributors and retailers all over the world.

We are also determined to give you both the product excellence that we innovate and service excellence which we offer. We have a unique line of the production featuring production that is high capacity. We as the vitamin supplement manufacturers also have spaces for analytical and microbiological labs that we utilize for comprehensive tests on the end products and the raw ingredients.


The Nutritional Engineering Inc. is one of the top vitamin supplement manufacturers providing multiple kinds of the health supplements for the retailers and distributors across the globe. We focus on giving you effective and safe vitamins at competitive prices.

In order to achieve this, we utilize the most advanced technological equipment, and since we are the cGMP registered vitamin supplement manufacturers vitamin, all the equipment and activities are coherent with the strictest FDA standards.

Our ingredients are collected from across the globe and as you hire the Nutritional Engineering Inc. as your preferred vitamin supplement manufacturers, utilize this ingredient in producing top-notch quality supplements for your intended private label product.

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Weight Loss and Detox Supplements

Nutritional Engineering Inc. is among the vitamin supplement manufacturers and produces supplements for wholesale for the distribution of private label and its sale. We have enough experience in manufacturing products for weight loss and various health supplements in America and across the planet for the distributors and retailers.

We are a cGMP registered full-service vitamin supplement manufacturers, we provide a lot of multiple types of the supplements for wholesale, for instance, the detox items, powders for meal replacement and other supplements dietary and loss of weight. You also get the safe and top quality weight loss products from what we offer.

Sexual Enhancement Methods for Men

Our company is a distributor of liquid health supplements and vitamin supplement manufacturing providing risk-free sexual enhancement items for men. In the event that you hire us as your distributor for the sexual enhancement supplements for men, we will create your supplements by use of your provided formula,

Or in case you don’t have a prepared formula, the well-experienced scientist teams of vitamin supplement manufacturers will be glad to provide you with one. At the event of the formula being created and approved, we will pick the precise ingredients from our raw materials inventory that is on-site and collected from across the globe.

Herbal Products

The Nutritional Engineering Inc. is among the vitamin supplement manufacturers who are focused on making you be successful in the very competitive wellness and health industry through offering high-quality nutraceuticals that are a private label, for instance, the herbal supplements, that have rapidly turned into most prevalent alternatives.

You as the Nutraceutical organization should feel confident about depending on us your health item producer since we are cGMP registered. Unlike the other vitamin supplement manufacturers of herbal products, Nutritional Engineering Inc. offers everything from the formulation of the product and testing up to the packaging of the product and in-house labeling.

Women’s Hormone and Prenatal Supplements

A lot of organizations offer hormone and prenatal private label supplements; however, the Nutritional Engineering Inc. is the best choice regarding safety and quality. We as vitamin supplement manufacturers have our equipment and activities in tandem with the FDA regulations.

Besides our comprehensive and accurate product testing, we provide other services which other vitamin supplement manufacturing companies may not have, for instance, professional help with the successful marketing of the product and its distribution and packaging featuring options such as bottles, blister packs, flip-flop containers and more.


The leader in the probiotics industry, Nutritional Engineering Inc. as one of the vitamin supplement manufacturers provides supplements of probiotics for the American and the world at large distributors of private label. We are keen on the safety of our products, and focus to offer you with the supplements of probiotics which we are confidently offering it to you.

We are glad that you will have various alternatives regarding the form of the supplement, and also custom flavoring and coloring. We are able to produce the probiotic supplements in tablets, capsules, powders, chewable or sublingual our team of scientists may even create custom supplements through the use of formulas that are science-based. Vitamin supplement manufacturers offer the turnkey services which has made us turn into most well-placed probiotics manufacturers.