Have been researching different vitamin producers to find one that can offer you the best products and services at the best bargains? Nutritional Engineering Inc is best suited to match and even surpass your research criteria.

We have earned our reputation not only here in California but also in other parts of the United States and even across the borders. Our company deals with all aspects of liquid supplement manufacturing of liquid vitamins and liquid supplements. Read on to find out more.


The Best Vitamin Producers

Here at NEI, we understand what vitamin producers go through. We know how pricey it can be for them to buy land and erect buildings or buy an existing manufacturing firm and customize it for their vitamin and supplement production needs. Costs soar even higher since they must order and set up large machinery, buy handling equipment, and source for raw materials.

Nutritional Engineering Inc lets you bypass all the costs and stresses associated with starting a vitamin production company from scratch. We pride in being a leading liquid supplement contract manufacturer for custom vitamins and custom supplements. You can be sure to obtain fast customer service and production time. Getting started is as easy as making a call to us for a quote.

Private Label Supplements

NEI is among the famous private label supplement manufacturers of liquid supplements and vitamins in the USA. It should come as great news for you if you wish to build your own brand as one of the best vitamin producers without having to develop your own formula. Here at Nutritional Engineering Inc, we have a Private Label Program to make this possible.

Put another way; our company will develop liquid supplement formulas on your behalf so that you can sell them under your brand name. The products we produce for you will outdo those of competitor liquid vitamin producers in your locality and beyond. Besides, we will deliver premium vitamins and supplements that can compete favorably with those of established brands. Wondering from where to start? Give us a call and advice us on what you need.

Customer Centered Service

We put you, our customer, fast when formulating our liquid vitamins and supplements. Our mission as one of the most celebrated vitamin producers is to ensure you have optimal trust and conviction in the quality of the products we offer you. Our team members have only one goal – customer satisfaction.

NEI customer service team is available to deal with queries and concerns from clients. Our response time is among the fastest in the industry. This means you can execute your plans in the time frame you planned. It doesn’t matter whether you are a customer of our line of liquid vitamins and supplements or you are a brand.

Our customer care personnel have perfect communication skills, are attentive, patient and have good knowledge of all our products and services. They are also positive and goal oriented. If you call us for any reason, you can be sure to get the best service ever.

Highest Quality Vitamins and Supplements

Health is our primary concern. Unlike other vitamin producers that do shoddy jobs, we test for all our ingredients after we have quarantined them for purity, potency and other qualifications. This is possible through our In-House Supplement Batch Testing laboratory. We strictly observe this testing before we use any ingredient in products.

We do not stop here. We conduct further tests in different phases of production and manufacturing intending to achieve a uniform mixture of active ingredients in the supplements. We perform a final analysis just before releasing our products into the market to carefully observe that we apply each detail of high-standard quality.

NEI’s Compliance

Since we are manufacturing products that humans consume, our line of vitamins and supplements, including the ones we produce for our customers, must comply with certain set standards. Only a few vitamin producers comply with all the set standards.

Nutritional Engineering Inc is NSF (National Science Foundation), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) compliant. You can understand this because we are one of the best liquid supplement manufacturers in the United States for liquid vitamins and supplements.

Our cGMP compliance assures you, our valuable customer, that our firm meets the top standards for quality and safety for our private label vitamins. NEI’s advanced quality control systems support our resolved to become the most advanced and successful liquid vitamin producer in the US.