Excited by the prospect of starting your own liquid supplement business? If you’re wondering where to begin the search to find the best suited vitamin manufacturers in California for you, look no further than this handy guide!

1. A vitamin manufacturer in California that guarantees high-quality product

All raw materials used at Nutritional Engineering Inc. are of the highest quality, passing the strict microbiological testing of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC) to ensure that there is no contamination present. As we are a leading vitamin manufacturer in California, it goes without saying that all our supplements are made right here in the USA, a fact which gives many customers peace of mind in regard to product and process quality. In order to maintain the quality of our raw ingredients, we use hot fill flash pasteurization for several natural products including pomegranate, Mangosteen and juices. Additionally, all our products are thoroughly examined for chemical purity so that we can provide you with only the best of the best liquid supplements.

2. Affordably priced vitamin manufacturers in California

Here at Nutritional Engineering Inc., we pride ourselves on creating impressive products at an equally impressive price range for vitamin manufacturers in California. Our team is dedicated to efficient production, ensuring that costing is kept in an affordable range. We know that there is often strong competition within the supplement industry, and our high-quality combined with great value will allow you to stand out among the rest.

3. A vitamin manufacturer in line with Californian and federal regulations

Nutritional Engineering Inc. complies with all regulations for vitamin manufacturers in California, both federal and state. Our carefully thought out practices and responsible staff are some of the reasons why we are a premium GMP compliant supplement manufacturer – with GMP as an acronym for Good Manufacturing Practice, which are a set of compulsory guidelines created by the United States Food and Drug Administration that ensure quality facilities and processes. Furthermore, we are happy to say that everything at Nutritional Engineering Inc. abides by all FDA compliance.

4. A vitamin manufacturer that offers private labeling services

Save time and money by streamlining your supplement business with our private label supplements program. As one of the leading vitamin manufacturers in California, Nutritional Engineering Inc. can partner with your business, we can focus on creating and labeling the best supplements possible, leaving you to focus on the branding and selling. Our unique labeling service offering can be taken advantage by those with any level of previous commerce experience.  Starting your own business has never been easier, and our private labeling service means that you can simply receive finished products that both you and the customer will love!

5. A liquid vitamin manufacturer that offers a variety of formulation

At Nutritional Engineering Inc., we offer the broadest range of custom formulation out of vitamin manufacturers in California. Our ingredients list is continually updating to keep your liquid supplement business at the forefront of the industry. We tailor all our products to your custom specifications, and have a diverse range of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and amino acids, as well as super fruits and super foods. Also, we are able to add tasty flavors, so your customers will love consuming your supplements even more. Alternatively, we can create supplements specifically for pets, so our four-legged friends have no need to be left out.

6. A Californian vitamin manufacturer that matches your brand image

If you’re looking for a vitamin manufacturer in California that aligns with your vision of healthy living, say hello to Nutritional Engineering Inc. We fully believe that the power of nature and natural ingredients can be transformed and change people’s lives for the better. Just like you, we care about the needs of consumers, and hence have products that are gluten-free certified and kosher certified.  Come learn more about our private label vitamin D supplements here.We take pride in being made in the USA, a fact we are sure your customers will be happy about too.

7. Building a relationship with your vitamin manufacturer

Here at Nutritional Engineering Inc., we believe in focusing on the long-term, and hope to build quality relationships with our customers and support you throughout the time we work together – another reason we are considered one the best vitamin manufacturers in California.  Our stellar customer service has fast service and our friendly team are more than happy to discuss any aspect of the liquid supplement design, manufacturing and labeling process with you!