Nutritional Engineering Inc. prides itself on being one of the leading nutraceutical liquid supplement makers in the USA, especially when it comes to our liquid vitamins. As a premium quality vitamin maker, we have a skilled and dexterous team of scientists, biochemists and researchers who work endlessly to ensure standard quality and safety of our products – within strict guidelines set by the law. Hence, our carefully crafted Liquid Vitamin manufacturing service is significantly attractive for retailers and customers, alike.

Increasing Demand for Liquid Vitamin Makers

Liquid vitamins have become increasingly popular in the evolving economic and health dynamics of our society. A growth in health awareness and simultaneously the increased availability of cheap, genetically modified foods have made people resort to a vitamin maker for a better, healthier lifestyle. Furthermore, they are a better alternative as opposed to pills, due to their more effective absorption. Liquid vitamins have garnered enough attention for the growth and development of children, who are especially repugnant to pills or natural foods containing vitamins. Hence, contacting a liquid vitamin maker for your next business venture will prove to be fruitful, especially with our contract vitamin service and private labeling.

Contract Vitamin Maker Service for Liquid Vitamins

Now that we have established the need for liquid vitamins, our contract vitamin making service comes into play. It has especially been designed for amateur vitamin maker entrepreneurs and massive retailers alike. We, at Nutritional Engineering Inc., have carefully curated a service that makes vitamin making a rather simple procedure. All you need to do to kick start your business is to inform us of the formula well suited for your company. It could be gluten-free liquid vitamins, vegan or halal certified, natural liquid vitamins. Leave the rest to the experts at Nutritional Engineering Inc. If you want to learn more about private label glucosamine joint supplement manufacturer, read this article.

Save Time and Money Required for Vitamin Making

Making liquid vitamins, without the assistance and knowledge of the researchers at Nutritional Engineering Inc., can be a painstaking and time-consuming process for a novice vitamin maker. It can be financially draining to conduct extensive research that goes into making formulas for a single liquid vitamin. On top of that quality control, purification and potency of the entire batch can elongate the process further and will take years to actually establish your business independently. Hence, the skilled researchers at Nutritional engineering Inc. will help you bridge the gap between science and business. Backed by years and years of extensive, successful research, Nutritional Engineering Inc. is equipped with all the tools required for vitamin making. Avail the vitamin making service and watch your company grow in less amount of time with decreased financial wastage.

Private Label Service for Liquid Vitamins

As a novice vitamin maker you can make your liquid vitamins by utilizing the knowledge of the products made by the Nutritional Engineering Inc. It does not limit your branding creativity and you can choose to design your own label and build your personal brand name using their liquid vitamin supplements. We shall also provide you with options better suited for your company with unique bottle designs, sizes and information that you can choose to display on your label. Or you may independently design your own bottles and shipping of the product can be done in drums or totes. In the end, the liquid vitamins provided by our makers will be sold completely under your brand’s name. You may also choose from a variety of liquid vitamin supplement options for a more targeted brand. It could be directed towards prenatal, children and women as well. A large part of our customers also come to us for ordering liquid vitamins for pets.

Complete Development and Guidelines for Liquid Vitamin Making

As a leading liquid vitamin maker we do not merely cease the business relationship once the product is dispatched. Instead we, at Nutritional Engineering Inc., believe in sharing our knowledge and expertise with our buyers to help them keep a firm foot as a nascent company in the nutraceutical market. Our analysts will guide you to reach your target market, modify your business to cater to them better, complete costs of each batch shall be provided to you in transparency and the art of competing with other companies shall be explained. Hence, working with Nutritional Engineering Inc. will provide you not only with the product of your choice but also a complete guidebook for survival in the nutraceutical business.

FDA, NSF, cGMP Approved Liquid Vitamins

Having an experienced vitamin maker team, our liquid vitamins’ formulas are backed by research, and also approved by FDA, NSF and cGMP. Nutritional Engineering Inc. is comprised of major, quality controlled laboratories where our skilled personnel work rigorously to ensure that our liquid products are free of molds, yeasts and other microorganisms that may be harmful to our consumers. We ensure that the environment of our labs and the medium of handling the liquid vitamins from their initial production to their package are all provided in sterile conditions. These sterile conditions are carefully monitored and maintained. Furthermore, our liquid supplements are free of fillers and excessive synthetic materials, so you can rest assured that the quality of our liquid vitamins is the top priority of our company.


A liquid vitamin maker makes for a booming market in health and wellness. Hence, there is no surprise that many companies are jumping forwards to sell their products without complying with the law. With the Nutritional Engineering Inc., you can not only sell our liquid vitamins under your brand but also get the expertise to survive the market. We do not work merely as vitamin makers but as a complete guideline for entrepreneurs.