Nutritional Engineering, Inc. is the Vitamin and Supplement Suppliers You Need

Vitamin and supplement suppliers, custom supplement producers, fitness gurus, the wait is over. Do you have a liquid supplement that you would like to sell? Do you need high-quality materials sourced from people with high standards? What about attractive shrink-wrapped or adhesive-labeled containers? Whether your supplement needs a 1oz or 32oz bottle, Nutritional Engineering, Inc. (NEI) has you covered!

That is correct! If you said yes to any of those questions, Nutrional Engineering, Inc. can provide services of the highest standards for your liquid nutritional supplements in any volume from 1oz to 32oz.

Quality of Product

The quality of all products produced at Nutritional Engineering, Inc. is elite. Vitamin and supplement suppliers can trust our very high standards set for minimum product quality. The equipment used for the creation and packaging of our products is National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) compliant. Our practices and products are also up to and exceeding the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) standards. Furthermore, the products, equipment, facilities, and grounds at NEI meet or exceed Good Manufacturing Practices’ (GMP) standards. What does all this mean for you? It means that when you order the production and packaging of a liquid supplement from us, you get a product of higher quality than that of any other supplement producer in the entire nation.

More Than Just Human Health

Whether vitamin and supplement suppliers want to order their own custom joint support supplement, prenatal supplement, or sleep aid, NEI is the best source. When it comes to health supplements for human health, vitamin and supplement suppliers can have confidence that our experienced, expert team is up to the task. We can produce antioxidants, ketone supplements, multivitamins, and much more.
Have a product in mind for the world’s canine companions? That is no challenge for Nutritional Engineering, Inc. We can make doggy ear cleaner, glucosamine joint support for dogs, and even canine multivitamins. We are America’s leaders in custom and private label supplements. So, taking care of human and canine health is well within our scope of expertise.

Custom Formulations

Whether you are a small business or large company of vitamin and supplement suppliers, we at Nutrional Engineering, Inc. are your prime choice. We can create a custom blended formula for your supplements or vitamins, whether your company is foreign to the United States or domestic. We are also capable of reverse engineer existing products so that you can determine a formula that is superior to that of your competition. NEI will take every factor into consideration in producing your custom formula, including ingredients, colors, packaging, and any other detail that may help your supplement to have the ideal “shelf appeal”.

Exhaustively Tested

We, at Nutrition Engineering, Inc., take great pride in the quality of our work. Our products are produced with the highest degree of assiduousness by professionals with the very most passion and confidence to satisfy the needs of vitamin and supplement suppliers worldwide. Firstly, our products are tested for purity and potency. Then, once it has been evaluated that our products have met our strict standards, the products are taste tested. If everything is going according to the standards set forth, the product makes its way through the production process where it is tested several more times. Before our product is sent out of our premises for distribution, it still undergoes one last test to ensure that everything is of uniform quality. In other words, nothing is left to chance. NEI adheres to practices for sustained superior performance.


Whether vitamin and supplement suppliers are businesses that need a high volume, small businesses that just need a small production, or if their product needs to be profitable at a very affordable price, NEI has the capability to satisfy their needs. We are well-stocked, expertly staffed, and well equipped for virtually any demand.

Peace of Mind

Vitamin and supplement suppliers all across the US definitely agree that it is excellent to be NSF, FDA, and GMP certified. Suppliers of these products are also glad that Nutritional Engineering, Inc. exceeds the minimum standards set forth by all of these regulatory organizations. Furthermore, NEI performs its own audits, which hold its practices to a standard of quality high above any known in the United States. In fact, we at NEI are so confident that you will be satisfied by our standards of operation that we invite you to come visit our facility in Vista, California to see, first-hand, the lengths to which we go to ensure the utmost quality and safety of our products.

Contact Us Today

Vitamin and supplement suppliers that are interested in taking us up on our offer to come to see how things are done at our facility can contact us with the information provided below.