As one of the leading liquid supplement companies, we have learned that vitamins and supplements are an important element in building up a healthy lifestyle as well as meeting our body’s needs. People nowadays are going towards liquid supplements and vitamins which are much more beneficial than regular pills. Liquid supplement and vitamin companies are ones which produce amazing and professionally made beneficial supplements which helps you in any aspect of yourself. It’s a power, contained in one bottle in the form of liquid that would make you fill that gap between you and greatness. In Nutritional Engineering Inc we design state of the art supplements for better and active life.

Nutritional Engineering Inc:

Not all vitamin and supplement companies have our experience and dedication.  We are a liquid supplement and vitamin manufacturing company which uses sheer intelligence to come up with products that can be used in daily life, made by proficient staff and astounding machines, ensuring quality of the outcome for enhancing the body’s complex network of strength, power and agility for future betterment. Not only do we care for you but also your pets and we design vitamins with same care and quality control because all lives matter to us.

Why Liquid supplements?

Liquid supplements and vitamins have very major advantages over normal pills which is why we are working with this. Not many supplement companies want you to know this.  First, liquid’s ability to be absorbed in human body is much more than pills. Pills absorption decreases with age because body needs to do a lot of work for it as pills need to be fully breakdown for us to digest. The second reason includes the fact that liquid has the ability to be absorbed at a faster rate making it easier and faster for the body to react to it. It’s easier to ingest instead of pills which may get stuck in the throat. Hence our company has taken this information in consideration, testing everything so that you can receive the benefits that you and your body deserve.

Our Supplement Products

Our products include wide variety of supplements enhancing your living lifestyle. Our supplements include women’s multivitamin, sleeping aid vitamins, mind booster vitamins for kids, fat loss vitamins and everyday problems’ solutions all in a bottle specially designed according to your need by skilled professionals. We have a range of products for pets as well such as dog glucosamine joint supplement. No hassle to buy different pills for different vitamins, everything is contained in one bottle. Liquid vitamin and supplement companies can also buy our products for we will produce best of the best according to their need and requirements. Yes, you can describe to us what kind of results you want and will formulate your liquid vitamin bottle, giving you what you desire. Here in Nutritional Engineering Inc we have quality control that checks and tests the product, maintaining our high standards.

Supplement Contract Manufacturing

What is supplement contract manufacturing and what do supplement companies do? If you buy vitamins from any store then that vitamin is manufactured somewhere else and just sold there. The same case here but with a much better technique of distributing and fulfilling customer needs. First of all here in Nutritional Engineering Inc we prepare the perfect ingredients and vitamins using immense concentration with the help of state of the art equipment which we use to check each and every aspect of quality control to ensure pure ingredients. After this we prepare the liquid vitamins and supplements according to the needs of the client, formulating every ingredient carefully using highly advanced machinery and extremely skillful staff creating the perfect sample. Once the sample is created, quality control again checks
the sample and if it is approved then we produce it to the user’s needs. Each bottle contains the right consistency of ingredients. For more info on private label weight loss manufacturer, click the link.

Packaging Bottles

After the stage of production, supplement companies usually give clients several options to choose the quantity of ingredients that one bottle will contain.  Here at NEI we perform the packaging according to the customer’s need. We have state of the art packaging machinery which is efficient and fast, making production go high, helping with keeping our customers happy and delivering their order in time. we can package bottles sized from 1 oz to 32 oz, with the design, material, and label of customer’s desire. We can produce glass bottles and plastic bottles, whichever the customer wants. The customer is also given the freedom to design his own label for us to put on. customized labels also include the expiry date and lot numbers. We keep our quality in check at all times and all stages of this process achieving success and greatness each and every time, following strictly the guidelines set by FDA as we are checked by NSF regularly using third-party inspections.


We are one of the few liquid supplement companies that assure you that we will give you the customized products as desired within time and thoroughly surveying every outcome because we care for your health so don’t waste time and contact us, because you know that this is the right choice to make.