Having and leading a healthy lifestyle is key to the wellness of the body. And supplements can help prevent mineral and vitamin deficiencies in case the diet intake does not contain all the required nutrients for the body. They may also supply the body with more substantial nutrients amounts than the regular diet can provide. Large amounts of various nutrients contents help protect the body from certain diseases and ailments.

Nutritional deficiencies

USA supplement and vitamin manufacturers cater for consumption of diets which are deficient in one or a few nutrients composition because of different reasons based on the food choices. Research conducted by USA vitamins manufacturers was able to give us quite some disturbing insights. In the US, people consume diets with inadequate amounts of essential minerals and vitamins such as iron, manganese, calcium, zinc, and magnesium, copper among others. Pure vegetarians, people on weight-loss, macrobiotic, and many other diets also places people at risk suffering from deficiencies. These deficiencies vary depending on the food. Various groups of people are at high risk of suffering dietary deficiencies, e.g., the elderly who live alone in their homes. They suffer deficiencies such as lack or insufficiency of Vitamins A, E, D, B1, B2, calcium and zinc ions. Women who are pre-menopaus consume food with little amounts of iron, calcium, vitamin A, and C.

USA supplement manufacturers making a difference

Our company, Nutritional Engineering Inc has been structured after a need for maintaining good health and wellness among people and managing it became a necessity. As USA supplement manufacturers, when we introduced our supplements to people with nutrients deficiency issues and others wishing to maintain the same on agreeable levels, there was a significant paradigm shift of demand and people preferred our supplements more than the pharmaceuticals. That told us as a company that we were on the right track. We then started undertaking Contract Manufacturing and Private Label services projects for clients. As a company, we bear the full responsibility of finding materials and supplies of developing supplements which are finally tested and produced using a standard approved methodology. Our packaging is state of the art, and this provides a conducive storage state.

What makes USA supplement manufacturers unique

Our company values quality so much. This fact has inspired us as USA supplement manufacturers, challenged us and also enabled us to invest our resources on a team of skilled, competent, passionate, and experienced workforce and state of the art facilities and equipment. These combined and also a reliable and trustworthy end product of our company. We have incorporated in our facility a specialized laboratory that is specially designed for use to carry out analytical testing to ensure our products meet the set standards and quality criterions. As a company, we do not compromise on matters quality in all our Contract Manufacturing and Private Label.

How we meet quality standards at USA supplement and vitamin manufacturers

As we undertake our manufacturing processes to produce quality supplement and vitamins products at USA vitamin manufacturers, our devoted and highly committed skilled personnel do various things. They start by carrying out the product formulation. This process is very vital, and therefore, it is in our company policy to ensure that we do this up to the standard quality set and necessary. Much emphasis is specially given to use of raw materials of unrefined organic nature.

These unrefined organic raw materials go through a rigorous test conducted by health quality assurance specialized in the Health Quality Control Department. After that test, other specific tests to ensure identity and potency are undertaken too. This testing exercise should now be telling you, and we don’t leave anything to chance. We must be sure of everything for the consumers’ well-being is everything we stand for. We weigh the materials after testing to ensure precision scale before they are blended. During mixing, standard guidelines set by our policy and the regulatory authority are followed to the letter, and through this, we can confidently say, we guarantee quality products that are verified and certified for consumption. For more info on sports supplement manufacturers, click the link.

Nutritional Engineering Inc contract manufacturing, private label manufacturing, and packaging

As a company, we do contract manufacturing and private labeling for liquid supplements and liquid itamins products. As USA vitamins manufacturers, our services on contract manufacturing incorporates the use of state of the art equipment and technology and a wonderful worked that is thoroughly trained and skilled in this line of production. In addition to that, we are also in the practice of always finding weak areas and other any other area requiring improvement and implementing the necessary improvements required. This practice has enabled us to satisfy our customer needs, guaranteed quality and that ensures that we achieve our goals as a company.

In the manufacturing process, liquid supplements and vitamins are formulated based on the client’s specifications and preferences. We have everything in place necessary to meet all these needs both in private label and contract manufacturing services. We also have a different kind of unique and distinct packaging options. These include two bottling lines. We can also handle adhesive labeling or shrink and include lot numbers and placement of expiry dates.

Visit us, and we will surprise you with what we can offer you, you will look no further.