Currently, individual health has become one of the most embraced and dignified customs in our society. This can be easily detected by the tremendous increase of people incorporating supplements in their diet. However, no one can dare to risk their lives taking supplements which are of low quality and below the expected standards or them which seems skeptical at a glance. Nutrition Engineering Inc company stands and bridge this gap by diving into supplements production and giving the best and high-quality supplements to the consumers. We as a supplement factory holds indubitable qualities and emerge to be among the best and top manufacturing supplement factory in the United States.

Custom Supplement Factory Services

As a supplement factory, Nutrition Engineering Inc provides services that are highly reliable and widely extended to meet the desire of anyone that approaches us. The manufacturing of custom supplements is one of the services we take pride in whereby contract manufacturing are affordably offered. We carefully select our suppliers and the raw materials used are thoroughly selected and tested with the aim of producing high and acceptable quality supplements. All supplement production protocols are carefully followed as per the requirement of any supplement factory. The services range from the normal supplement production to the private labeling supplements either for individuals or other companies. The services are fast, reliable and affordable. If you want more info on herbal supplement manufacturers, click the link.

Custom Supplement Processing

As the leading supplement factory, Nutrition Engineering Inc ensures impeccable formulation of the supplement products from the unrefined organic raw materials and are first tested to ensure the health safety of the consumers. Our reliable and well-equipped quality control department has the latest and high tech types of equipment that ensures accurate and precise results that are 100 percent reliable. The material has to be tested comprehensively before they are weighed and finally blended according to the set rules and guidelines using latest technological apparatus. The bottom line is to ensure the quality of the supplements meets its match.

Custom Supplement Packaging

As a leading supplement factory, we Nutrition Engineering Inc ensures our supplements are packed with the best and quality bottles that projects trust and confidence of highly and thoroughly manufactured supplement products. The packaging bottle sizes vary thus making our products affordable to anyone despite one’s social standings. The packaging process involves high tech machines that ensure automatic bottles filling and capping. The process also involves labeling of the of the supplements and indicates the expiry dates. As a supplement factory, all the quality control measures and practices are adhered to during the packaging process. Further tests are performed on our supplement products at this juncture to ensure that the supplement parameters such as viscosity, the product weight, appearance, taste and the color lines with the required standards.

Supplement Quality Control

As the top notch supplement factory, we Nutrition Engineering Inc strongly believe in manufacturing supplements of the highest quality that meets the set manufacturing standards. Our supplements meet and comply with the Food and Drugs Administration (FAD) protocols and regulations. Our company adheres to good manufacturing practices (GMP) throughout the supplements production process. Our quality control department performs a meticulous job ensuring all the quality status have been met. NEI as a supplement factory has its own advanced and high tech control systems that are set to ensure supplements products quality are met. This makes our own esteemed company be NSF registered as a standard mark of quality.

Highly Skilled Personnel and Staff

The whole process uses rigorously tested and approved standards that ensure the production of high-quality custom supplements. This is greatly enforced by our special and highly trained team of engineers, researchers, lab technicians, and chemists. With this great team and their forces combined, expect indescribable supplement products from them that have passed all the quality control tests and have complied with FDA regulations. The team is highly skilled and efficient thus our supplement production is fast thus meeting the needs of our customer who keeps us going. Our team is able to think outside the box as far as the supplement formulation process is concerned. The Nutrition Engineering Inc team, are able to go beyond the set and provided formulas and formulates a super product that meets all the set supplements production criteria. The team is hardworking and dedicated to meet our customers needs thus helping our consumers smile more with the best supplements that cater and meet their health needs.