Liquid Vitamin and Supplement Contract Manufacturing

The need to maintain and manage our health has seen many consumers preferring supplements and snubbing pharmaceuticals. Nutritional Engineering Inc in its undertaking of Contract Manufacturing and Private Label services, bears the responsibility of coming up with tested and approved standard methodology, finding supplies and materials, and finally conducting state of the art packaging.

Our company invests in competent and skilled staff and state of the art equipment. We have a special laboratory that has been designed for analytical testing that is done to standard quality. The company prioritizes on quality in our Contract Manufacturing and Private Label.

While manufacturing our supplement products our competent and skilled personnel first carry out the formulation of the product. This is done in an up to standard quality with much emphasis being given to unrefined organic raw materials.

The unrefined raw materials are then tested by the Health Quality Control Department. Further tests are conducted to ensure potency and identity. The materials are then weighed in a precision scale. They are then blended in according to standard guidelines to guarantee quality.

The liquid vitamins and supplements are then formulated according to the preference of our clients. Nutritional Engineering Inc has the necessary apparatus to meet these needs of our clients in both our Contract Manufacturing and Private Label manufacturing services.

Nutritional Engineering Inc has various distinct options for packaging. The company has two state of the art bottling lines. The first one produce bottles that vary in size from 1 oz to 32 oz, glass or plastic, custom or simple sizes and shapes with full shrink and heat sealing options.

Nutritional Engineering Inc can also handle shrink or adhesive labeling, supple placement of expiration dates and lot numbers. The company’s Automatic Liquid Filling Line also does 1 oz, 2 oz, and 4 oz variety of bottles.

As all this is taking place tests are conducted to ensure high standard quality and that end result products are packaged according to the standard requirements. Among the things that are tested are required dose; weight, viscosity, appearance, taste and color of the final supplement product; bottle seals, labeling, expiration dates and lot numbers among other qualities of high standard

On the 25th of June, all small manufacturers of supplement and vitamin products will in the large and the medium size companies in meeting the regulations of the FDA’s good manufacturing practices (GMP’s). These regulations have actually been welcomed by many companies that have been challenged by consumer distrust and irregular standards in the market. It is expected that the new regulations will ensure the growth of the market and the image of the industry.

Nutritional Engineering Inc in its contract manufacturing services focuses not only in the state of the art equipment or competent and skilled personnel but also in fixed practice of finding areas of improvement, reacting to them and maximizing in our strengths to achieve our goals of having quality products and a happy client.