Timely and cost-effective shipping of food supplements offer a chance to make the right decisions. Consider express shipping services, including express shipping needs. Pallet delivery is cost-saving because you use large packaging solutions.

We follow regulations to ensure that food supplements distributed worldwide are safe. We pay for shipping food supplements locally and abroad.

Our licensed company ships large, authorized supplements to consumers worldwide. Directive on food supplements include minerals, vitamins, dietary products and bodybuilding supplements. They boost food safety for everyone.

Sweeteners, colorants ad preservatives may not fall under restricted food categories. However, the FDA in America lists advisory ingredients to check against existing regulations. 

We check existing rules and regulations that govern shipping of food and supplements. This ensures that unauthorized substances don’t find their way into food supplements.

We offer food testing, formulation, and shipping services on food supplements. Whether you want custom or pre-manufactured food supplements, we’ve got you covered.


We pick food supplements for shipping

Using bubble wrap and a cardboard with cushioning materials protect their valuables

Unlabeled food items

Seal and label the food supplements box