If you are planning to foray into the supplement industry but don’t want to get into manufacturing processes, you will need to look for a reliable supplement maker. While there are many supplement companies that offer contracts manufacturing and private labeling services, you need to be careful before choosing a company. There are many things that you need to consider other than the range of liquid supplements and vitamins offered. Their transparency about the manufacturing process, quality control mechanism, and customer support are among the various things that you need to take into account. In this article, we will discuss the important questions you need to ask a supplement maker.

Do You Have All The Necessary Supplement Industry Certifications?

What a supplement maker claims about itself are not important. You need to find out what others say about them in terms of integrity and quality. You can judge the level of quality by finding out whether or not the company is certified by one of the following GMP organizations – NPA (Natural Products Association) Certification, USP (United States Pharmacopeia) Certification, and Pharmaceutical Consulting Services. If the manufacturer has any of these certifications, it can be treated as a seal of approval for its quality.

How Many Years You Have Been In Supplement Business?

When you are starting your journey in the supplement industry, it’s wise to do business with a supplement maker that has been in business for long time. They have learned from their mistakes and they understand the trends in the market like nobody else. A company that has spent years understanding and catering to the target market can also guide you and provide the much-needed support. So, look for a manufacturer that has stood the tests of time and created a name for themselves in the industry with quality products and services. Steer clear from manufacturers that simply want to pick up on the trend and be there because there’s demand.

Does The Supplement Maker Really Manufacture The Products?

This may sound like a silly question to ask a supplement maker but you will be surprised to know that 90% of the large manufacturing companies sub-contract to other manufacturers. This results in a lack of control and increased lead times. To save yourself the harassment, make sure you buy only from a real manufacturer who makes supplements in their own lab. There are several reliable supplement makers that have their own state-of-art facilities where products are made and tested before delivery. A dependable manufacturer will use only the organic raw materials as ingredients and they will be transparent about their manufacturing process.

What Type of Quality Control Testing Is Performed?

If a supplement maker has its own in-house lab then it’s a good sign. This indicates that the company has full control over the manufacturing process. Raw materials that go into the making of supplements and vitamins need to be thoroughly checked with cGMP regulations. So, an in-house lab is a prerequisite. You must also inquire to find out what are the different types of equipment used in the lab. If possible, make a personal visit to the lab to check the condition of the equipment used. Talk to the lab director or person who carries out the product quality testing to make sure they are armed with the knowledge and information needed.

What’s The Contract Manufacturer’s Style Of Communication?

Make sure you stay away from companies that fail to answer your questions or communicate on time. Some unscrupulous companies may replace an ingredient that is not available with something else. This means your formula is altered, your product is changed and your claims are no longer true. Such products can cause harm and bring a bad name to your company. We suggest that you work with only a trusted contract supplement maker that abides by the regulations and communicate effectively with you.

Can The Supplement Company Provide Guidance On Private Labeling?

If you are looking to create your own private label, you may want to find out whether or not the supplement maker offers private labeling services. An experienced contract supplement maker will guide you through the label requirements although the ultimate responsibility lies with you. Consult with the experts to find out if the product information and claims made on the label are acceptable. Ask for any documentation that they can provide you to substantiate those claims. At Nutritional Engineering Inc, we go out of our way to help their clients with information, guidance, and support. Our years of experience in contract manufacturing and private labeling make us one of the most reliable liquid supplement makers in the industry.


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