About Us

Nutritional Engineering Inc. is a quality supplement manufacturing company with a highly skilled staff. We manufacture our liquid supplements under strict monitoring to provide you with the highest quality natural supplements. Our supplements are made from locally sourced ingredients. Everything is manufactured and assembled in USA. It gives us a great pleasure to carry out our operations entirely in the USA as it has created many jobs for the Americans. If you are looking for a liquid supplement manufacturer who offers private label rights contract manufacturing then you have found the right place. As a leading liquid supplement manufacturer we would like to introduce our work mechanism to you below.

Supplement Contract Manufacturing Offered Worldwide

We are proud to offer our quality supplement manufacturing services worldwide. For this we invest in hiring and training of a highly skilled and competent staff. The supplements are manufactured by our staff in well built laboratories with state of the art facilities. Our special laboratory analyses the supplements for meeting our quality standards. In contract manufacturing, our skilled staff first creates the formulation which involves great emphasis on raw organic ingredients. These ingredients reach the laboratory after being tested by the quality control department. Further tests confirm the identity and potency of the ingredients. The ingredients are also inspected for their weight. After that they are mixed to form the supplement according to the set quality standard guidelines.

As a contract manufacturer we make our supplements according to the requirements of the client. For this we have fully equipped laboratory. For packaging we use two high quality bottle lines. The first one comes in sizes from 1 ounces to 32 ounces. You also get the option of selecting glass or plastic, simple or custom and full shrink shapes or heat sealing options. We also offer adhesive or shrink labeling, flexible placement of expiration dates and lot numbers. We also have automatic liquid filling line of 10z to 4oz bottles.

When the supplements are being formulated and assembled we are also testing them for their weight, dose, viscosity, color, taste and appearance, bottle seals, lot numbers and labeling expiration dates.

Custom Supplement Formulations For Everyone

Our quality supplement manufacturing services include custom formulation for both small and large nutraceutical businesses. You can ask us for any ingredient of your choice. We will be able to handle it even if it is out of stock or unavailable. In creating custom formulations for our clients we either use a mix of our already created formulations, or we create one from scratch according to the demands of the customers. You can even ask us to imitate a supplement of your choice. Our highly skilled staff can find out its exact formulation via reverse engineering.

Manual Batch Testing

We take pride in testing all the supplements manually for their uniformity in taste, color, weight and other qualities. This is done before sending them to the market which ensures the customers of our high quality supplement manufacturing services. This not only creates a delighted customer but also increases our trust, brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Private Label Supplement Program

Our quality supplement manufacturing private label rights program is for both small and large businesses. We not only deliver the products but also help companies in setting up their businesses. This is done by introducing them to ways they can market their products. You can use our private label rights services to launch the supplements with your own brand name. This can be accomplished once we receive your brand logo, trademark, and design requirements. You can even customize the formula of your supplements. You can either share your own formula or hire our services to create one according to your requirements. Our private label rights program is for both pets and human liquid supplements.

Supplement Product Development Process

For quality supplement manufacturing we take a number of necessary steps which include, market research, cost and finance calculations, feasibility reports, SWOT analysis, testing and GMP regulations. These steps minimize the risks and increase the quality of our manufacturing process. Read more on reputable vitamin companies!


As a premium quality supplement manufacturing incorporation we have very high quality standards. This is what makes us compliant with the FDA, GMP and NSF regulations. Our strengths include an extensive network of manufacturing units, just-in-time production system, periodic quality audits by third parties, and highly skilled staff. We are also proud of our excellent customer services management. All these make us stand out from our competitors. As a company located in Vista, California, we also have the privilege of having access to the best sea ports close by. This allows us to offer the highest quality supplements at the best affordable price. If you want to avail the services of an American liquid supplement manufacturer from anywhere in the world you just have to submit the order form on our website. If you are still looking for the best option to start your nutraceutical business, you can also visit our blog to get some ideas. With an increasing demand for natural supplements you have endless opportunities to market yourself. Just give us a call if you need further information about our services, and we will be glad to assist you.