Nutritional Engineering Inc, in its development of supplements does the some analyses that are necessary for good production. Some of these analyses include:

  1. Safety Assessment and regulation.
  2. Cost of Product and finance.
  3. Feasibility for manufacturing.
  4. Analysis of the competition in the market.
  5. Market Analysis.
  6. GMP regulations and Testing.

These and many more analysis is put in place in the supplement products development. In the United States of America, supplements and the specific ingredients must follow the regulations, the guidance of the industry, the certifications and programs of audit.

However, some supplements have been manufactured in exemption to these qualifications through the consensus of experts and they have been allowed in the industry. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) is an example of these exceptions that has improved the standard and quality of the supplements products being manufactured in the industry.

It is common for a supplier and a manufacturer to disagree on matters of quality. Supplement audits of GMP have been known to disagree on for example, whether a specific ingredient should meet the requirements of the supplement once it has been used on a product like a liquid supplement.