Who we are

Nutritional Engineering inc. is a private label vitamin manufacturer committed to conceptualizing, developing and marketing your products and brand with our pharmaceutical expertise and and manufacturing resources. We can assist you every step of the way towards establishing yourself in a competitive marketplace and endow your brand with sustainable growth and extensive market share. Liquid vitamins and dietary supplements are a fast growing global industry that will continue to develop as more and more people in emerging markets gain awareness of their potential health benefits. Become an industry leader and pioneer in your country or any market of your choosing by consulting and collaborating with us.

What we can do for you

Are you interested in developing liquid vitamin products? We are a private label vitamin manufacturer and we can help. You should be aware of the market potential of liquid vitamin products, which are surging in popularity thanks to the growing interest in fitness enhancement supplements like B-complex supplements as well as holistic, traditional medicines such as Indian Ayurvedic medicine and Traditional Chinese medicine. We can formulate and manufacture products for you based on the market of your choosing and help you develop ideas. For example, Traditional Chinese Medicine places a lot of emphasis on Vitamin D boosting formulations, and there is growing potential for these products in regions with low overall yearly sunlight. Various other forms of holistic medicines are currently growing in popularity as indigenous cultural traditions gain more awareness in new markets, and more popularity in their countries of origin. Customers with an interest in simply boosting their energy and combating fatigue are commonly drawn towards B-12 supplements. We can produce these formulations with ease and work with you on your business strategy. You can choose to market your products with reference to whatever kind of branding or ingredient emphasis works for you- we can collaborate on any marketing paradigm.

Develop your custom vitamin formulations with us

Depending on the market you aim to serve, you may require custom formulations different from anything commonly available on the market. As a private label vitamin manufacturer, this is where our facilities and expertise will help you gain the competitive advantage, bringing your ideas to fruition as tangible products that meet the highest quality standards. We have vast experience working with various different customers that we can draw on, passing our extensive industry knowledge on to you.
If you have a formulation in mind, we can not only manufacture it, but probably improve on your ideas through factors you may not be aware of, like the best ingredients to use and the kinds of colors and tastes customers best respond to. When making an investment you want an experienced guide on your side and we would be excited to work with you.
If you want to produce a product similar to something already on the market, we can reverse engineer any sample you provide and suggest innovative ways to improve quality and reduce manufacturing costs, giving you a competitive edge.

Our manufacturing expertise will establish your vitamin brand

You can bring your products to market feeling assured that they have been produced by a world class private label vitamin manufacturer in a cutting edge lab by qualified and experienced technicians. We are well versed in safety standard compliance, and always meet production goals on time without fail. Don’t hesitate to ask us more about our manufacturing facilities- when you work with us, you work with experience industry professionals. Click to read more about nutraceutical vitamins!

We can collaborate on your vitamin labels

You might have the best product priced at the best value, but consumers won’t be aware of that if they aren’t attracted by your label and branding. This is where a private label vitamin manufacturer can help bring out the full potential of your product. We have experience working with many different clients, and we can tailor your labeling to any demographic- people with an interest in a specific type of traditional medicine, fitness enthusiasts, the elderly, parents of young children, and even pet owners!
Working with us, you can develop a label for your liquid vitamin supplements that will successfully engage your target demographic and fly off the shelves. We can enhance and refine your label design and deliver the best packaging and manufacturing services to bring them to market.

Vitamin Testing In-house

We are a private label vitamin manufacturer that is passionate about the efficacy of our products, and we test everything we manufacture at our facilities before releasing anything to the public. When you work with us, we cover all bases. Our quality levels scale with any volume and we are up to any challenge. Whatever it is you want to produce, we can guarantee uncompromising excellence.

Our guarantee
All you’ll need is an idea or vision for a liquid supplement product, and as a private label vitamin manufacturer and we will develop it to the full potential, taking special care during every step in the development and manufacturing process to deliver a product that works, sells and satisfies. If you want to develop liquid nutritional supplements and vitamins, Nutritional Engineering inc. will build your brand.