Nutritional Engineering Inc. is the world’s leading liquid supplement manufacturer. Get all your supplement needs at our doorstep. We promise you, you won’t have to go looking anywhere else. Made in America itself, and currently located in the beautiful city of Vista, California, we specialize in nutraceutical products and are a leading private label supplements manufacturer. We offer the best private label supplements with low minimum and affordable pricing.

Private Label Supplements Manufactured in America

Our liquid supplements and Private Label supplements are manufactured here in America. We at NEI firmly believe in keeping American jobs in America itself. Ours was once a glorious, industrial nation, and here at NEI, we believe in maintaining the same values as we once had. Our core values dictate manufacturing liquid and vitamins supplements here in the USA, and not outsource the work overseas. At NEI, we have a team of 25 highly experienced professionals, dedicated to bringing you a great product.

Quality Assurance

We believe in bringing nature back to people’s lives. We also believe in offering private label supplements with low minimum order requirements. Our specialty is manufacturing liquid vitamins and supplements. Being a leading private label supplements manufacturer, our presence is in America as well as all over the world. So it is imperative that we maintain stringent quality control standards. We are registered with the NSF, follow all FDA guidelines and GMP compliance standards, so rest assured, there is no compromise in quality when it comes to providing our customers with the best supplements. We follow the most stringent safety protocol when it comes to manufacturing vitamin and supplement products. Our products are safe, compliant, and made purely here in the USA.

Contract Manufacturing and Private Labeling

The health industry is rapidly changing and consumers are fast moving towards alternatives to pharmaceuticals. This is where supplements come into the picture. At NEI we specialize in manufacturing supplements and providing private labels on a contractual basis. We are responsible for coming up with tested and approved methods, finding the right supplies, and finally doing a state-of-the-art packaging.  Our skilled workforce carries out beta testing to ensure and maintain the highest quality of the product. Here, more emphasis is given on unrefined, organic raw materials. After this process, the liquid supplements are formulated according to the needs of our clients.

Private Label Supplements Program

We are industry leaders when it comes to private label supplements manufacturing. At NEI we ensure that you receive the highest quality of liquid supplements, and also provide you with private label supplements that can, in turn, be branded with your company’s brand name. Furthermore, we will also help you design custom labels so that you stand out from your competitors. Through the private label supplements program, NEI offers a diverse array of supplements which include, but are not limited to vitamins, multivitamins, skin care products, pet supplements, herbs and cleansers.

Private Label Supplements With Low Minimum

At the start of your business, you’d want someone who you could trust on your side, a reliable partner. You’d also want to focus on growing the business, rather than building everything from scratch. Look no further than our Private Label Supplements Program. Our program provides the best quality liquid supplements at an affordable cost, so it isn’t heavy on your pockets. Our Private Label supplements are available with low minimums and at an affordable price range.

Private Label Advantage

While running a business, the worst thing that could happen is an unnecessary diversion of focus. You want to keep the user-base strong, while also worry about growing the business, manufacturing, and other costs. Here at NEI’s Private Label Supplements Program, all those other things fall into place, so a business can only focus on growth. We take care of manufacturing, labeling for our private label supplements with low minimums.

Selling Private Label Brands

You can sell your brand independently at any of the leading e-commerce websites. Since you will be the one owning the brand, there is literally no limit to how you can sell the product. You can also advertise your own brand on social media.
Our products include supplements for humans as well as pets. We offer a wide variety of supplements like antioxidants, children’s multivitamin, Calcium and Magnesium supplements etc. We also offer pet supplements like dog vitamins and dog glucosamine joint supplements.
We at NEI are the best at what we do, and strive to offer the best quality labels and liquid supplements. We also believe in the value of collaboration and want you to succeed in your business. Follow the link for more on how to start your own supplement business.