The health supplement industry is heavily moving towards private labeling model. Our private label supplements program helps you launch your supplements business with minimum effort so that you can focus on growing your business instead of building it from scratch.

If you are planning to start a business with a reliable partner, then our private label supplements program is right for you.Here at Nutritional Engineering Inc., we provide the highest quality liquid vitamins and supplement on the market today. Our program is unique and easier, to begin with. You can market the supplements under your own brand name.


In a private label supplements program, you get to work with our company as a partner. We will develop and manufacture all the formulas and supplements required. Your work is thus greatly reduced as you just have to brand it and sell it to the right audience.

For those who are new to business or companies who already have an established user base, selling private labeled supplements is a fairly easy job. And it comes with a perk of growing your own brand.Manufacturing is available for a large variety of liquid supplements like multivitamins, nutritional supplements, vitamins, skin care, supplements for pets, cleansers, herbs, and many more.

Unlike having a franchise of a popular supplement brand and cutting down on your profits, a private label supplements program helps you in owning the product. You do not have to worry about the product, its manufacturing or compliance. You only focus on the brand and develop it over time. Everything else falls into place.


The major advantages of a private label supplements program is that you can focus on your business. We at Nutritional Engineering Inc. will take care of the quality and manufacturing of the supplements.Without having to develop your own liquid supplement formulas, you are good to start on your own with our experts and guides.

You do not have to go after the manufacturing and its hassles. All the research, quality, certifications etc. required is taken care of. This means you can move away from the manufacturing part and sell your branded liquid supplements while focusing on business growth. You get out of way of regulations and this helps you to start your supplement line in very little time.

This makes doing business easier and anyone with minimum or no experience can start on their own.Promoting your own label will differentiate you from competition who are running after franchises. Our services will provide you everything with the branded labels and longer shelf lives.

Being the owner of the brand, you get to decide your own price points. This helps in devising a nice sales strategy along with greater opportunities to enter new markets. All the profits come to you and changes in strategy is purely in your own hands.

Nutritional Engineering Inc. saves on marketing and sales expenses when producing products in bulk. This results in very competitive pricing that gives you a large buffer on your sales value.


Research shows that 85-90% of nutrients in liquid supplements are absorbed in 22 to 30 seconds while pills take 3 to 4 hours. This means anyone who uses supplements, will prefer a liquid supplement over pills. Liquid supplements are one of the high profit and high margin items in the market today.

With the help of our private label supplements program, you can launch your own brand in any verticals that you find fit. Right from child growth to sports and fitness to bodybuilding.

Change in lifestyle, focus on personality and increasing lack of work-life balance, are pushing people towards supplements and you will find a customer in every person. A branded private label will attract more customers in this case as you have built it on your own terms.


As you own the brand, there is no limitation on how you sell your products. From offline stores to online commerce sites, everywhere there is an opportunity to find customers.

The brand can be independently sold using your own website or using popular e-commerce sites like amazon and eBay. You can manage a health nutrition page on Facebook and start selling your product to the subscribers.

Creating a brand awareness on social media can be managed easily and once the interested users join in, you can simply focus on growth and higher sales.With the increasing penetration of social media, it is possible to build a brand with very little budget and in less time.


As one of the leaders in liquid supplement manufacturing, it is important for us to maintain the highest standards in our private label supplements program. All the manufacturing takes places keeping in mind the right standards and regulations. The approvals, regulations, standards, and processes are strictly followed leaving no place for error.

As a partner, you will never have to worry about the quality and other things as they are already taken care of with the best industry standards and practices. You can focus on getting more customers and increasing your business while simultaneously growing your brand.


We offer contract manufacturing for custom orders too along with our private label supplements program. However, manufacturing your own supplementsmakes sense only if you want to build a business while taking care of all aspects of the game.

Manufacturing and maintaining standards in nutritional items are very difficult and a tiresome process. For a newbie or someone who is just starting up, managing everything will eventually lead to a bad outcome. You will also end up with huge investments. This is why we do the hard work for you. You can focus on the business part while we help you with the manufacturing.


Our private label supplement program will save you time and money. You will own products that you can proudly sell to your customers.

  • Build your own brand
  • Start with no hassles
  • Improve your product range
  • Focus on growth and sales
  • Rise above your competitors

Private label supplements will provide you with an experience that cannot be matched. If you are looking to commit to building your own brand, then look no further. For more on the nutraceutical industry, follow the link.