Most decent supplement companies

In a universe where we aim to improve our well-being through exercise and diets, supplement development companies are vital in assisting consumers to select the high quality and trusted supplements to consume. Luckily, among the most reputable nutritional supplement companies, Nutritional Engineering Inc. is the leading supplement development company. We are not only reputable for our professionalism and excellence but also highly skilled workers that guarantee production of high-quality supplements and vitamins. We want you to feel confident dealing with our teammates to acquire high-quality supplements and vitamins that we offer.

Quality processing of supplements

In the supplement industry, the key to success is the technique used to process the vitamins and supplements products. Here at Nutritional Engineering Inc., we are included among the most reputable nutritional supplement companies, as we ensure production of standardized and high-quality supplement products. Prior to product formulation, we conduct quality and thorough testing of the raw materials. Also, we guarantee product identity and potency by testing the raw materials in a health quality control sector. We accurately weigh and blend the raw materials based on the set standards of production to ensure our supplement and vitamin products meet your needs.

GMP, FDA, and NSF Compliant

Nutritional Engineering Inc., as one of the best private label nutritional supplement companies, develops liquid vitamins and dietary health supplements across the globe. We are a premium GMP complaint, abiding entirely by FDA regulations. Being GMP compliant and FDA inspected, we project the highest industry standards for quality and safety for the liquid vitamins and custom GMP supplements that we develop. The quality control standards and systems we meet exceed other nutritional supplement companies, as we guarantee acceptable design, monitoring, and controlled manufacturing facilities for your protection as a supplement and vitamin consumer.

Quality packaging process

Most of the reputable nutritional supplement companies have the highly standardized and ideal packaging route. However, here at Nutritional Engineering Inc., we are up to the mark and unique in the packaging of liquid vitamins and supplement products. Our apparatus has automatic filling lines, bottling lines with a packed shrink, and heat sealing options to guarantee quality and efficient packaging. The material (plastic or glass) and the size of the bottle (1oz-32oz) differ to suit your needs. We guarantee high-quality product packaging by testing product factors such as appearance, weight, and viscosity. Lastly, we conduct adhesive labeling and indicate the expiry date in this process.

Contract manufacturing

Nutritional Engineering Inc. is among the most reputable nutritional supplement companies, providing manufacturing contract of custom vitamins and custom supplements. We bear the responsibility of formulating an approved and standard technique, finding materials and supplies, and quality packaging. We have prioritized on quality by investing in skilled and competent workers and modern equipment. At an affordable price, we formulate the liquid vitamins and supplements and conduct state of the art packaging according to your preference. We have an outstanding production capability to handle any size of the order that you have placed.

Private labeling supplements

Nutritional Engineering Inc. is among the most reputable nutritional supplement companies when it comes to private labeling supplements services. Our private label supplements program will assist you to unveil your supplements business effortlessly to ensure you only focus on growing your business. Advantageously, we consider you a partner, as we undertake the development and manufacturing process while you assist in branding and selling the liquid vitamins and supplements to your desired audience. Unlike owning a franchise of a famous supplement brand that will trim your profits, our private label supplements program guarantees you ownership of the product.

Made in the USA

Nutritional Engineering Inc. is one of the nutritional supplement companies that pride itself on developing all its liquid vitamins and supplements in the USA. We are a full-service liquid supplement manufacturing company situated in Vista, California. Irrespective of the site of your company, we have numerous airports and ocean ports for ideal shipping locally and globally. We stress you only consume supplements with the “Made in the USA” label, as it is an assurance that you are purchasing liquid vitamins and supplements developed at an approved facility and made of high-quality raw materials. Lastly, here at Nutritional Engineering Inc., we have a strong conviction in need to grow the economy through creating and preserving jobs for Americans.

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