Need for Liquid Supplements and Vitamins

As you know in today’s busy world majority of us rarely get a chance to have balanced diet resulting in nutritional deficiency. That is why choosing a quality nutrition manufacturer like NEI is important.  In order to overcome this deficiency, we need supplements that our body can absorb quickly. Something, that you can have at the end of the day and feel satisfied. Something that fulfills your midnight cravings and at the same time fulfills your daily nutritional needs. The issue becomes even more complicated if you are a health coach, physical trainer as people look to for your valuable advice for their health issues. So, you are not only responsible for yourself but many others who trust your wisdom. To keep up with the trust you would need a nutrition manufacturer that can provide you with nutrition supplements and vitamins of high quality and as per your high standards.

What is Nutritional Engineering Inc?

If you are looking for nutrition manufacturer who can manufacture liquid nutrition supplements for your clients. We at Nutritional Engineering Inc. can help you with the manufacture of liquid vitamins and supplement that are custom made as per your brand requirements. We procure our supplies and material from various reliable sources so that they are of high quality. We have highly qualified and trained staff that is best in the industry, a start of the art laboratory fitted with equipment that uses cutting-edge technology. We also have a team will design labels as per your customized needs. We provide effective customer services team that will provide you a faster solution to your needs. It is an end to end solution so that you can benefit from benefiting other.

How is Nutritional Engineering Inc. different?

You may have partnered with other nutrition manufacturers in the market. But what we promise you is an experience that you will never get anywhere else. You provide us your formulations we will do the much-needed research and development, bottling, and delivery. The best part is the minimum order size is very low as compared other service providers. So, you don’t have to maintain high inventory and block your cash flow.

Nutrition Manufacturer With Quality Control

We as nutrition manufacturer, know that for your success quality does matter. Like you, we value our customers and we produce high-quality products that would actually work. We are Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliant nutrition manufacturer and fully abide by FDA rules which reaffirms that Nutritional Engineering Inc. meets high standards of safety and quality. We have installed sophisticated equipment and processes for quality control that ensures that we maintain our position as one of the best liquid supplement and vitamin manufacturer in the United States.

How Can we help you?

As an individual health instructor, your clients depend on you to provide a solution for their nutritional needs so that they can leave a healthy life. We understand that it is an enormous responsibility and you would do your best to stand up to their expectation. We as a nutrition manufacturer we would be providing you with an end to end solution by which you can add more value to your clients. We would do everything for you starting from procurement of various natural ingredients from reliable sources so that they are of good quality. Then our skilled and competent staff conducts several tests to ensure identity and potency. Then they are blended in varying proportions as per requirement of our customers. Using varying precision equipment, we provide you

Contract Manufacturing and Private Label manufacturing services.

We provide you various packaging options, using two state-of-the-art bottling lines that will produce bottles of various sizes and also fill the bottles as per requirement of your clients. If you are worried about the labeling of the products, we can have a solution for the same as well. As nutrition manufacturer, we will do it for you. We will design the label as per your requirements and will also put the expiration date and lot numbers. Simultaneously, we do several tests for the finished products to ensure quality. Lastly, the products would be delivered to you on time so that you can deliver the products to your clients. The product that you can claim to have produced under your brand. We can guarantee that this would be the ultimate solution if you want to succeed in liquid nutrition and supplement industry and win your clients by helping them stay healthy.

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