NSF Registered GMP Certified Supplements and Vitamins

NSF, GMP & FDA Compliant Supplement Manufacturer

Nutritional Engineering Inc is a premium GMP compliant supplement manufacturer abiding fully with FDA compliance. We are one of the best liquid supplement manufacturers in the USA when it comes to vitamins and supplements in liquid form. Being FDA inspected and cGMP compliant assures our clients that we meet the highest industry standards for safety and quality for the private label and custom GMP supplements and liquid vitamins that we manufacture. Our sophisticated quality control equipment ensures that we remain as one of the top liquid vitamin and supplement manufacturer in the United States.

As a private label supplement manufacturer, Nutritional Engineering Inc manufactures liquid vitamins and dietary health supplements for our clients and partners in the USA and worldwide. The quality control systems and standards we use meet or exceed that of others in the supplement and nutraceutical industry when it comes to liquid supplement manufacturing standards. We do our best to go above and beyond what is required by the FDA, local and state governments to ensure that our liquid vitamin and supplement products continually meet the highest quality standards.

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice.  These are a set of regulations that have been established and enforced by the United States Food and Drug Administration. These specific regulations ensure acceptable monitoring, design, and controlled manufacturing facilities and processes are in place for the protection of vitamin and supplement consumers. These regulations were implemented in a flexible way so that supplement manufacturing companies can be at liberty to come up with ways on how to individually execute the required management requirements by the use of standard methods of processing, procedures, testing and design.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance that vitamins and supplements be produced and manufactured in accordance with GMP regulations to ensure that the high standard quality is applied in the process of manufacturing these vitamins and supplements during every step of the production process.

As a leading supplement manufacturer, Nutritional Engineering Inc has established standard procedures and systems as part of our modern approach of management and risk analysis to meet or exceed current GMP regulations. This is because the GMP regulations are actually requirements of a minimum standard, so as to allow supplement manufacturing companies to establish their own necessary regulations based on the factors already discussed above.

Our government has legislated that every manufacturing company including Supplement manufacturing companies follow the Good manufacturing Practice regulations and guidelines. These practices are intended to protect the wellness and health of the public and ensure high standard quality production.  Nutritional Engineering Inc adheres to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations in its production and manufacturing services hence the high quality our supplement products.  In addition, NEI ensures that all the supplements produced or manufactured by our company meet these high standards of quality so that they are safe for consumer consumption. We also take care in ensuring strict observance of these regulations in addition to those the laid out by the GMP regulations.