The US has seen growth in the nutraceutical industry due to the increased emphasis on preventive healthcare. Preventive healthcare is the use of products that can prevent one from contracting diseases and other medical conditions. There has been a shit from waiting for people to get diseases the treat them to taking daily measures that that will prevent contacting chronic and lifestyle-related conditions and diseases from the onset. According to research done by Transparency Market Research (2017), the US market for nutraceuticals was US$64.8 in 2015 and has been estimated to rise to US$102.6 by 2024.

Nutraceutical products

Nutraceutical products are stocked with natural ingredients which are not harmful to the human body hence the rise in its demand. Here at Nutritional Engineering Inc., we provide two types of products; human supplements and pet supplements which are most common in the nutraceutical industry. Some of the human supplements include:
• Antioxidant supplement
• Calcium magnesium supplement
• Children’s multivitamin
• Glucose support supplements among others.
Some of the pet supplements include:
• Dog ear cleaner
• Dog Glucosamine joint supplement
• Dog Vitamins

Nutritional Engineering Inc.

We are the leading liquid supplement manufacturer in the nutraceutical industry and we are well known for contract manufacturing and private label supplement manufacturer. In contract manufacturing our team has the experience and can help you with sourcing raw materials, packaging, bottles and labels. The private label arrangement has grown popular over the recent years because our clients can work with our supplements but label the packaging using their own brands. We are able to custom make supplements using completely new and different formulas to fit your needs as our clients.

Nutraceuticals and sports industry

Sportsmen are on the lookout to find supplements that are clean, safe and trustworthy to help them achieve their fitness goals. Athletes are also moving to more natural supplements with fewer ingredients and we at Nutritional Engineering Inc. as other players in the nutraceutical industry are always looking to innovate and develop our products to meet these needs. More sportsmen/women as they move to safer supplements they are on the lookout for formulas and plan that meet their needs and preferences. The supplements can be used to repair tissues especially for current athletes and retiring athletes who are very keen on recovery. Recovery always starts from the joints which can be treated using available supplements.

Nutraceuticals are not for athletes only

Nutraceuticals are not only for athletes as it was traditionally. We have seen a change in lifestyle with people recognizing the importance of working out and staying fit to avoid contracting lifestyle diseases. These supplements are then used by people of all ages and gender to help them achieve their lifestyle goals. There has been a rise of awareness on how sports supplements can help regular people achieve their health needs with e.g. protein, for instance, people are now aware that these supplements are the good bodybuilder and can help one manage their weight due to the ability to induce satiety. This awareness has been brought key players in the nutraceutical industry taking initiative to educate society on importance of supplements.

The rise in protein supplement awareness

Protein supplements are the most popular supplements in sports especially among men of below 35 years due to its ability to build muscles. A research was conducted by Euro monitor in 2014 trying to find out what was preferred between protein supplements and protein food and the results showed that many people in the US preferred eating supplements that food. The availability of many sources of proteins such as soybeans, hemp, and whey among others make it easy for manufacturers in the nutraceutical industry to customize formulations according to consumer needs. For more info on the private label supplements program, click the link.

Drivers of increased awareness and consumption of nutraceuticals

The following are factors which have been said to have led to the increase in sales in the nutraceutical industry:
• An ageing population who are in constant need of supplements because of health reasons.
• Increased awareness of healthy lifestyle.
• Population growth and emerging markets
Despite the advantages that supplements brings with it one of the major challenges facing the nutraceutical industry is being able to meet the regulatory bodies’ terms and the controversies that the supplements always have to contain an illegal substance that may pose health dangers to the human body over time unknown to the consumers.