In Nutritional Engineering Inc, we taste all the ingredients after they are quarantined for potency, purity and other qualifications. This is strictly observed before any ingredient can be used in
the products. This testing continues in the various phases of production and manufacturing to achieve an identical mixture of the ingredients used. Once the production is complete a final test is carried out on the product before it is taken to the market to ensure that careful observance of every detail of high standard quality is applied.

To be able to achieve these high standards of quality production and testing, the need of an in-house high standard laboratory is required. Nutritional Engineering Inc, boasts of high standard state of the art laboratory that has enabled it achieve its high standard quality productions and manufacturing.

Nutritional Engineering Inc assures you of good quality and well priced products that are completed in their manufacturing and production on a timely basis, despite the level of the volume required. The company is equipped adequately, stocked adequately and run by a group of highly competent and skilled professionals who have developed a passion in the work and undertaking of the company to ensure high quality standards of our products.