The Dietary Supplement Formulation Process is Interesting

Believe us; turning a dietary supplement product into a thriving business needs skills and work. For starters, you will need to be direct and clear to the manufacturer on the ingredients to include in the product. Not to mention synchronizing the legal matters, customer service, sales, financial, marketing, among many other factors to work according to your set plans.

The truth is that it will not be an easy journey. Nonetheless, with an excellent plan, the dietary supplement formulation operations will run smoothly and eventually you will have a functional supplements business. Before you know it, you will start generating a steady income, thanks to a small investment. Check out below to learn more!

What Are Dietary Supplements?

High chances are that you have crossed them in medical stores, used a few, or even recommended a specific favorite to a friend or family member. Dietary supplement formulation involves the use of ingredients such as herbs, minerals, amino acids, vitamins, and enzymes. Usually, they are in the form of powders, capsules, liquids, tablets, gelcaps, and softgels. The dietary supplement formulation industry unlike that of drugs doesn’t seek to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent a disease. The organizations, however, aims to provide consumers with vital substances necessary in the body functioning or to help moderate the risks of specific ailments. Even so, it is recommendable to consult a physician before buying them to avoid experiencing side effects.

What is the Dietary Formulation Process About?

Dietary supplement formulation isn’t about mixing ingredients. You ought to have enough knowledge of the active
ingredients, as well as to master the minimum recommendable doses required. For instance, some ingredients shouldn’t get mixed for they give negative rather than positive body results. Also, if you put less of the component required, it will result in an unproductive product.

Keep in mind that for the audience to benefit from the product, the supplement creator has to make it right. At no point, should the dietary supplement formulation business start adding pharmaceutical additives or putting smaller-than-recommended measures of the ingredients. Market it as it is, or don’t sell it at all.

The Type of Ingredients Used In Dietary Supplement Formulation

Some people believe that because drugs are lab-made, they are artificial. To the contrary, dietary supplement formulation is an organic process. The truth is that both can use pure or unnatural ingredients. Here are some categories of nutrients used in dietary supplements production.

· Natural sources: these consist of nutrients from animal, mineral sources, or vegetables. For example, vitamin D obtained from fish liver oils or vitamin E extracted from vegetable oils. Keep note that vitamins with natural marks, don’t necessarily mean 100% naturalness. Ten per cent of the product’s content could be natural while the other remaining part is synthetic.

· Synthetic: are lab-made nutrients, which have different nutrients from those found in nature. Starting materials range from coal tar to petroleum jelly. An example is Vitamin B1 which has coal tar as its foundation substance.

· Bacterial fermentation: the process involves genetically altering bacteria to produce nutrients. The result is usually a by-product of the primary nutrient. Examples of nutrients which undergo the fermentation process include vitamin D2, vitamin K2, and vitamin B12.

· Nature-identical synthetic: although the nutrients are lab-made, the molecular structures of the nutrients are identical to those in nature. An excellent example is vitamin C, whose popular synthetic form, ascorbic acid, comes from China.

· Cultured Food: these nutrients undergo the same manufacturing processes as those of yogurts. First, the dietary
supplement manufacturers grow the component in algae/yeast. Later, they harvest and rupture them before they turn into the desired form- vitamin supplements.

In Conclusion

If you are looking to engage in dietary supplement formulation activities, seek advice from the best. Nutritional Engineering Inc. is among the leading companies providing liquid vitamins and supplements to the market. We not only help manufacturers in developing their own custom branded supplements but also guide them through creating a successful supplements business. So whether you have queries or are looking for a reputable manufacturer to walk with you in the development of your product, trust in us to deliver. Keep tuned for more information so that you learn more on supplements.