Nutritional Engineering Inc has the ability to provide liquid custom supplements and custom vitamins to both small large companies alike.  We are always here to assist you in developing any kind of custom liquid supplement formula you may need. NEI has extensive production capabilities that can handle any size order.  However, we are small enough to give you the personal attention and support that all clients deserve.

As one of the premium USA supplement manufacturers, we manufacture a variety of custom supplements and custom vitamins for numerous clients throughout the United States and abroad.  We offer custom supplement formulations for both people and pets as well. In fact, custom pet supplements are some of the most popular liquid supplement son the market.  For clients that require their own branding, we offer supplement private labeling options, placing your custom branded supplement label on the bottle so that you are ready to start selling immediately.

Since all of our custom vitamin and custom supplement products are made in the USA, Nutritional Engineering Inc we can offer some of the fastest times in the industry to bring your products to market.  NEI also has the ability to reverse engineer just about any type of liquid formulation that you may want to produce.  Our quality team of researchers, chemists and lab technicians work diligently to create the exact supplement formulas that you need and can be proud to sell to your customers.

Nutritional Engineering Inc. designs supplements custom made for your company specifically. In our custom supplement formulation and manufacturing we focus on high standard
quality products specifically manufactured for your company. As a company, you need to put a variety of important factors into consideration when developing custom supplements and custom liquid formulations, including:- the ingredients to be used , the color, the supplements types, the form of the product, the type of packaging, etc.

Nutritional Engineering Inc will assist you in every way possible to ensure that you achieve a supplement product that is of a high standard quality and that is appealing to your consumers. When you are aiming to raise your consumer trust it is vital that you focus on the standard and quality of your customized liquid supplement products. Here is where Nutritional Engineering Inc prides itself in being your step by step companion for you attaining your goals through our competent and skilled personnel, our state of the art equipment and our motivation to offer you quality services.

At NEI, we have the ability to revise already created formulas and come up with better and more advanced vitamin and supplement formulations that raise the standard and quality of your products. We also pride ourselves in our quick and timely production of standard quality products in large volumes with strict observance of GMP high standard regulations.

When revising already created formulas, Nutritional Engineering Inc will advise you on the types or raw ingredients that can be integrated into your supplement formula considering your budget. Our company boasts a wide variety of raw supplement ingredients available. However, arrangements can still be made to procure any ingredients that could be missing from our in-house stock upon your request.

With all these in place you can be sure that Nutritional Engineering Inc will be a worthy partner for accomplishing the formulation of your custom supplements and achieving your goals.