As a private label Vitamin supplements manufacturer, Nutrition Engineering Inc takes pride in producing the highest quality liquid Vitamin supplements that you can sell to others. We also manufacture Vitamin D3 supplements and are known as private label Vitamin D3 manufacturers inside the U.S.A. We are purely American, as all our manufacturing takes place in the United States. We do this because most of our competitors have taken their operations, and manufacturing overseas. On the contrary, we are proud to be the liquid Vitamin supplement manufacturers that have not taken their operations overseas. This is because we believe we can create jobs over here. It is also our duty to ensure that you get the highest quality supplements, which has been our top priority since the beginning. We also make these supplements on a custom order, for our wholesalers, who can request them in any packaging size or shape, and in any flavor. Our liquid Vitamin supplements are manufactured for everyone.


We hire skilled and competent staff to carry out the process of manufacturing. This is why we are also known as one of the best Private Label Vitamin D3 Manufacturers. We also make sure to use good quality, state of the art machinery. We want to make sure that the quality and safety of our supplements is the best for our buyers. This is done in a carefully laid out procedure which highly emphasizes the development of unrefined and organic raw materials (such as plant extracts). These raw materials are then tested by the Health Quality Control Department that makes sure that nothing makes our products low in quality. The materials are then mixed or blended in accordance with the standard guidelines. Coming to the packaging; At Nutritional Engineering Inc. we have a lot of options for how we package our Vitamin supplements. We have two bottle lines. The first one produces bottles of 1oz to 32oz. These bottles can be made from glass or plastic. There are also other custom options such as heat sealing options. You can order them in bulk with a custom shape, and a size of your own. There are then some tests to make sure that our products meet the highest quality standards. We test things like dosage, weight, quality, taste, color and other things that are required for packaging.


At Nutrition Engineering Inc. our ingredients are tested to make sure that the quality is up to par. Along with other supplements we also pride ourselves as the FDA approved private label Vitamin D3 manufacturers, We test the ingredients before they are used in our supplements. Things like taste, potency, and purity are checked. The testing continues throughout, in different phases and stages of the production process to make sure that the ideal formulation of the ingredients is achieved. Before the product is taken to the market another test is carried out to make sure that the quality still stays up to the highest standards set by us. The tests that take place are always done by professionals.


Our supplements come in many different flavors that are sold in various ways. If you are looking for private label Vitamin D3 manufacturers who offer flavored supplements then you are in the perfect place. All our supplements come in many flavors that range from fruit-based to others. Our products are targeted to many people from men and women to children. We even have different Vitamin supplements for different nutrients. There are also kosher or gluten-free supplements that can be delivered to you as well. The tastes and other features of the supplements can be specified according to your liking. All our flavors and other types of supplements are long-lasting and tend to be very durable. They are also sold at a fair and reasonable price.


Not only will we make sure that you get the best Vitamin supplements to your liking, but we will also be more than happy to make sure that they get to you in a perfect condition. Vitamin D Wholesalers will be happy to find us as the best quality private label Vitamin D3 manufacturers. Our supplements are always set to a high standard. Whether it is the durability, the taste or the effectiveness we will make sure that everything is perfect. Not only that but unlike many companies we can prepare a custom request for you in bulk and deliver it to you in your choice of packaging. You will find our prices fair and economical.


If you are a company or a market that wishes to enlist us as your private label Vitamin D3 manufacturer, then there are different ways to contact us. One way to contact us is through our website, ( From here you can click the “contact us” tab. This will take you to a form where you will have to provide your name, email address and your order details. You will also be asked a question from us. Apart from this, you can also place an order directly, by emailing us at


As private label Vitamin D3 manufacturers we make sure that our company is compliant with the guidelines set by the FDA and other organizations. We also follow guidelines and regulations such as GMP and NFS. The quality control standards we use, meet or exceed those set by many other organizations. We do our best to make sure that our standards go above those required by many organizations such as the FDA. For this, we have established many procedures to make sure that our products meet the highest requirement for quality and safety. We make sure that the ingredients we use in our products are organic and have no negative effects. All of the people we employ are professionals who make sure that the quality of our products is not damaged or lessened. For more info on nutraceutical contract manufacturing, follow the link!