Liquid vitamin manufacturing and consumption is on the rise.  Admit it. We now live in a world where things are changing at light speed. Keeping up with this pace and taking care of our health at the same time is simply nightmarish. Unlike older times when things were more physical, a human body would get the right amount of exercise and nutrition. It rarely happens now. However, it is also an information age, so people are becoming more and more health-conscious than ever before. Putting these two facts together, we see an explosion of vitamins and supplements in the market. People want to get the proper nutrition for their bodies, and they want it fast. As a result, we notice the establishment of many liquid vitamin manufacturers.

Liquid Vitamin Manufacturers

Liquid vitamin manufacturers are pharmaceutical companies that produce vitamins and minerals in concentrated liquid forms to be used by other companies and manufacturers later. These products are commonly used as additives to commercially produced foods, drinks, and other consumables. They can also be packaged and sold directly to consumers as liquid vitamins and supplements.

Why Go With Liquid Vitamins

The reason the liquid form is preferred by manufacturers is simply that it is easy to add to any other foods, drinks or supplements they produce. Liquid forms are also preferred by general consumers due to their fast absorption to the human body giving the body an instant boost. However, liquid vitamin manufacturers are not that easy to find.

Why Choose Nutritional Engineering Inc.

At Nutritional Engineering Inc. (NEI), we thrive by providing our clients exactly what they need- a reliable and quality source for their liquid vitamins and supplements. We are definitely one of the most efficient liquid vitamin manufacturers. Our team of expert professionals is backed by hi-tech lab equipment and facilities. Everything happens under the supervision of an excellent quality control department (QC). The result is outstanding products of the highest quality. NEI also boasts a state-of-the-art production line that can meet any volume of order (big or small) in the fastest possible time. From procuring raw materials to packaging finished products, NEI maintains a very high standard prescribed by FDA, GMP, and NFS.

Nutritional Engineering’s Services

Nutritional Engineering Inc. is a client-focused company. We attend to the business needs of our clients like no other liqiud vitamin manufacturers. There is no generic in our dictionary. We are well-known for our customization skills. Whatever compositions or formulas you need, we can custom produce them for you and deliver. Following are few services that NEI takes pride in.

Production and Supply of Liquid Vitamins and Supplements

NEI produces pure forms of all kinds of vitamins, minerals and supplements at different concentration levels. You can customize the strength levels of each vitamin. We also accept orders for custom compositions and mixtures based on the client demands. At our labs, we can create any formula for mixtures and compounds. All our work is done without delay and within the shortest period possible. That’s what makes us one of the fastest growing liquid vitamin manufacturers in the market.

Flavor Additives

If you are interested in manufacturing any type of soda, sports drinks, energy drinks, juice or even flavored water, NEI can give you a wide variety of options to choose from. At our hi-tech labs, we are able to create virtually any flavors that you can think of. If the flavor exists on earth, we can create it in our labs. Very few liquid vitamin manufacturers can offer this service.

Branding Assistance

Nutritional Engineering Inc. also offers branding and custom labeling services for liquid vitamins and supplements. Our clients can easily create their own brands directly from our facilities. We eliminate the need to re-package and re-label your brand so that you can focus only on marketing- not the production. No other liquid vitamin manufacturers provide this service. This way NEI forms long-lasting relationships with clients. You can be the face of a major international brand of supplements while NEI assists you from the background.

Approvals and Certifications Assistance

Nutritional Engineering Inc. is NSF, FDA, and GMP compliant supplement manufacturer. Therefore, anything coming out of our facilities is very easy to get approval for. That’s why we provide an additional service that few other liquid vitamin manufacturers can offer. We can assist you to get approved for your own brands fast. In other words, NEI is here to help you succeed in your business.

As mentioned earlier, the world is moving at light speed, and no one has the time to Do-It-All from scratch. Our assistance in your production of healthy foods, drinks, vitamins or supplements will be something you can rely on. Give us a call, visit our facilities, and meet our staff. You can see for yourself why we’re one of the most outstanding liquid vitamin manufacturers. You will realize that we are the partner you have been looking for.

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